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For multi-department agencies

With Claritask you'll know what anyone in your team is working on. Never forget or lose any task. Run multiple projects and keep track of deliverables with confidence and clarity.

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A payment of $7 is required for the 7-day hands-on trial (phone, video, chat, email).

An excellent solution!

Claritask had everything we needed to collaborate on daily tasks and keep track of long term goals. The UI is intuitive and has a very short learning curve. It consisted of every core feature my team needed to stay on track without the distractions of the fancy bells and whistles found in a lot of other task management tools.

Fernanda Graciolli

Fernanda Graciolli Founder,

It helped me stay focused!

A great, easy to use product.

Calum Moore

Calum Moore Founder, (Y-Combinator)

Pricing starts at $35 per month

For your first 7 employees. Then $5/month per employee.


Loved by Customers

Highly rated and recommended not just by project owners, but their staff as well. Read our 5-star reviews on Capterra.


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Locked and protected to serve you the latest and most optimized version of Claritask at lightning speed.


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Build with the outmost care to help everyone in your company do their best job and deliver on time.


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We have your back in every step of the way. Write us anytime at [email protected]