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10 Ways to Use Slack for Project Management

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10 Ways to Use Slack for Project Management

There’s actually a way on how to use Slack as a project management tool. Read on, to find out how.

Slack is primarily a communication tool. Teams big and small use it to stay in touch with one another. In Slack you can ping someone through a direct message. You can also write comments and messages in specific channels for all to see.

To answer the question: Can Slack be used as a project management tool?

The short answer is: Yes

The long answer is: It depends

In this article we’ll explore the short answer.

How to use Slack as a Project Management tool

When it comes to managing projects, not everyone goes by the book. Things come up. Tasks need to be talked through. And from time to time, you may need to ping someone and get a quick answer.

1. How does it work

Create a new channel for each project
In Slack, channels are a powerful feature. Each channel could represent a single project. Channels can include only the specific individuals who are involved with that project.

2. Pin messages

You will need a few key messages. One could be the project brief, where others in your team can view at any time. Another key message would be one in which you list major tasks as bullet points. The trick here is for each team member to visit these messages and ‘‘strikethrough” each bullet point (task) they’ve completed.
Pin messages in Slack

3. Use Slack threads extensively

This takes a bit of discipline and self control, but it’s the only way to keep things clean in Slack. Oftentimes in Slack when someone asks a question, the tendency is to respond with a comment. The “rule” is to click on the comment bubble (to the right of a specific comment) and start a thread about that particular comment.
Use threads in Slack

4. Saved items

For specific comments in Slack, you can use the ‘saved items’ feature. What this feature does is put any comment you save in the “Saved Items” section.
Saved items in Slack

5. Reminders

You can use the reminder feature in Slack to set a reminder about a specific comment. This could be something that you can’t focus on at the current moment. However, you want to definitely get back to once you have the time and the right answer. In project management, this could be something that needs approval, but you need to attend to at a later point (once a specific task is complete).

6. File Browser

All shared files in Slack are collected within the File Browser. You can access the File Browser through the left-nav bar, by hovering on the “More” link.
File browser in Slack

7. Voice calls

This feature in Slack, can help a project manager to ping someone in their team about an answer they need. It can also be used to set up a meeting and not only for urgent matters.

8. Direct Message

For times when you need to discuss something specific with a team member about a project, write them directly via the DM feature in Slack. You can also include a few people in a direct message thread. Only people in this DM thread will have access to these messages and no one else.

9. Search through conversation archive

For times when conversations get out of hand, you can use the Search feature to find anything you’re looking for. Both comments and thread are searchable in Slack.

10. Connect with other apps

You can bring other apps’ activity in your Slack feed. You can connect it with many other existing apps, but be warned that this can add more “project management” to your project than help it.

Drawbacks of using Slack as a project management tool

1. Too much happening

In Slack, conversations tend to take over and hid the most important bits.

2. Hard to find something that was talked about a while back

Though the search feature in Slack is quite powerful, you can’t search for something you have no idea how to look for, can you? Scrolling up to find something talked about a while back could be hard.

3. No real structure of tasks

You can’t really structure minute tasks beyond the high level ones because Slack does not have a proper hierarchy to support this use case

4. You can’t comment on a particular task

For times when you need to discuss a particular deliverable, you can’t really talk about it on a task level in Slack. You need to either DM your team member or write a comment by tagging someone.

5. You don’t know who did what

In Slack, there’s no way to know who in your team completed a particular task.

Claritask to the rescue

In Claritask you can delegate a task to a specific person, talk to that person on task level, share files about a specific deliverable, and view all actions and activities by anyone in the team.

You can structure each task within a task group, project, or even a workspace.

These are only a few high level things you can do in Claritask. Start using it today with your team.

Claritask is a project management tool that helps teams work better together and get more done as a result. Learn more
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