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The story of Claritask: Behind the scenes look of how it all happened

Claritask is a project management framework dedicated for companies who want to get things done across various teams and departments.

After some 9 months in development (technically spanning across 2 years) and 7 years in the making, Claritask launched on February 8, 2019.

Here’s a little more about the “behind the scenes” bit, according to Val Sopi, Claritask Founder & CEO.

Since I can remember, I’ve always been a list maker. I’ve made lists about tasks at work, goals in life, crafts at home, and have always been in love with having teams work more efficiently.

Not work more, just better.

In my professional career, I have worked as a graphic designer and web developer for ad agencies (Ogilvy), big corporations (NBA, Oxfam), smaller companies (New York Film Academy), and ran two design firms of my own (Lucid Vagabond, Inc. and boldUnderline llc).

During these times I’ve worked with teams of all sizes, but never more than 10 people, even in big corporations.

The bigger the team, the less work was getting done, even though everyone seemed to be working the entire time. I think most were busy trying to look busy.

At times it seemed everyone was expecting an approval from someone else, so things would go round and round in a spiral, until someone had to cut the vicious cycle, break the pattern, and get that *thing* delivered.

Once a team got bigger than the manageable size, the goal was to chop it off to human scale and run leaner.

There was never a system to get something done, until I started my design firms. Learning from these experiences, I had realized that if I want to keep a steady cash flow, I had to have a system in place that got the job delivered (keyword here is “delivered”, not “perfect” per se). Having something “delivered”, means getting it “done, approved”.

Having a straight delivery line, even in a creative business, is the difference between staying in business and failing at it.

Hence, Claritask.

Back in 2012, I was running my design firm, serving clients of all sizes and working with a team of 5.

This is when I first started dabbling with creating a project management framework that would ensure everyone delivers what’s expected of them and never more than is required.

That’s really the key here — “doing what is expected”. Not going overboard.

Letting the system bring about any idiosyncratic creativity and *not* pushing forth for the “magic”, the entire time.

Back to the story

In 2013, with the boldUnderline team, we released Goodwerp, which included more than was required from a PM software. After Goodwerp, came a simplified version of it in Vavingo, which was a stepping stone to the never released Backbone. Goodwerp, had a financial tool inside, which was re-written from scratch and delivered as a solo product, dubbed Invoice Station.

After all these lessons, in 2017, I started re-structuring the entire logic behind what would become Claritask. Drawing lessons from close to 2000 users across various products, in a 5 year period.

The amount of work and dedication that went into building Claritask was the culmination of this entire experience, including my experience in creative agencies as an employee first, then as a team leader, and principal/owner, later on.

What’s next

As Claritask is serving clients worldwide, our job will be to continue improving Claritask so it’s a seamless extension of its users — their intellectual bionic extension, if you will.

Goal is to listen and learn, and improve with Claritask clients in tandem.

Our habits never really change, we just find better ways to get things “delivered”.

Claritask will aim to satisfy these needs as a background tool that provides the right framework for a peace of mind.

Claritask is a project management tool that helps teams work better together and get more done as a result. Learn more
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