57 Days Later

Since my last update on October 26th, more precisely 57-days ago, I’ve been working around the clock and building some core functionalities that can potentially make Claritask a standout solution.

These solutions are key to everyday problems faced by project managers around the clock. Specifically speaking, knowing what anyone is currently working on and what they’ve accomplished already, in real-time.

On with the specifics

Notifications are something that will give Claritask a real-time feel while collaborating with others on a specific Project. Such as: when someone makes a change to any of your tasks and knowing what has changed since.

There are two types of user-centric notifications:

  • When someone comments on your task
  • When someone takes an action on your task, such as: assigns someone knew, tags your task, edits it, etc.

Likewise, Commenting on Tasks gives each team-member assurance over what they’re working on. Being able to ask questions and receive answers in real-time, there’s no time left to ponder about the clarity of each task (hence, Clarity+Task=“Claritask”).

“Timeline” is another feature that gives project owners insights into everything that has been accomplished by anyone in a chronological order: Task completions, transferrs to other projects, accidental deletions, etc. You can see everything and rollback anything as needed.

There’s more

Another thing that makes Claritask standout, is its ability to provide real-time data about everything around your projects.

“While you were away” is one of those features that notifies you in real-time about any task changes, updates, and completions. This way no-one is left in the dark about what’s being done right now.

In a nutshell, among features that have been completed so far:

  • Commenting on a Task
  • Workspace Timeline and Notifications
  • Project Timeline and Notifications
  • “While you were away” for showing the most recent changes since you last visit to the project
  • Task/List deletion/recovery
  • Filtering Tasks by Person/Tag

What’s next

“Prelaunch Preview” is coming up shortly. It’s a closed invite-only preview with the purpose to crush last-minute bugs and improve (or even introduce) features.

With that said, I won’t be posting up any updates Live, until the Commercial version is Live.

Until the “Prelaunch Preview”, I will be ironing out a few bits of code and design, so the experience is as enjoyable as possible.

I’m psyched!

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