Delegate With Ease

Yet another release, exactly 7 days since the last.

This one is big in the sense of finally being able to delegate tasks to others in your company/group (Workspaces).

Last release, dealt with inviting others in your workspace and sharing your projects with them. Now you can actually delegate and label each task with multiple tags, such as: URGENT, LATER, etc.

Oh, BTW you can assign multiple people to the same task, for use cases when whoever-gets-in-first can get it done.

What are Tags?

Tags in Claritask are markers on a task level. In other words, you can “label” certain tasks with notions of your choosing, which will help you further categorize your tasks.

Tags in Claritask
Task options in Claritask, including Tags and People, among others.

In practice, this would play out like this: You are running a project with dozens of tasks. Some tasks require immediate resolving, while others can see a later date. You’d mark these two groups as [NOW] and [LATER], this way you can quickly filter each group and attend to the ones that need your current attention.

You can create and assign 12 various colors to any custom tag of your creation.

What about People on a task?

Yes! This one’s a must-have. You can now delegate each task to one or multiple people in your Workspace. This feature is the epitome of collaboration within the app, as Owners and Admin roles can delegate tasks to anyone within a Project. Furthermore, lower permission roles, such as Staff & Consultant, can only complete tasks they’ve been delegated to.

What’s next?

As I’m constantly working on new things, I get to revisit previous releases and improve upon the code and design. This way, I’m getting to retouch everything as Claritask is growing into a real usable app.

Specifically speaking, today and in the next few days I’m working on comments, which I shared on Twitter earlier today.

As I get to push the latest in production, I’m already thinking about usable notifications that can trigger actions from your other team-members. This way everyone’s in the know if you’ve left a comment and you’re waiting for their reply.

“Nothing is ever lost in Claritask” is a mantra I’ve been following while building Claritask. It’s an idea that leads the way into making Claritask an app that truly helps you collaborate by keeping everyone in the loop about the latest, and history, if need be.

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