People in Workspaces

I’m finally getting to work on “People” on Claritask. In other words: Teams, users within Workspaces/Projects.

This marks the point where Claritask gets to become a true collaboration app.

The way “People” work is this:

  • Each user has their own Contact list (A friend list of sorts, unique to each Claritask user)
  • People are added to Workspaces
  • Each person has access to all Projects within that Workspace if they are an Owner or Admin of that Workspace
  • If users are anything other than those two high-level roles, they can be excluded from specific Projects, even though they have access within that Workspace.

Nothing is Live, yet, but this is how it looks for now (image below).

People in Workspaces in Claritask


This has been the most challenging part of the programing so far, because there a few more “checks” in the backend, when a specific user is added/removed from a Workspace.

Specifically speaking:

  • A user can belong to many Workspaces
  • Each user has a “Friends/Contacts” list, whom they can invite/exclude from Workspaces
  • The Owner of a Workspace has total control over a Workspace, they can invite/exclude and set roles for each user
  • Workspace Owners can make someone else an “Admin”, which basically grants them similar options to that of an Owner, though Admins cannot remove the Owner from their Workspace.
  • Other roles below Admin (Staff & Consultants, for now) — have no access to setting people/roles within a Workspace.

What’s next

Once “People” are complete, next in line are:

  • Assigning Tasks to one, ore more, team-members
  • Access Levels within a Project, List

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