Update 4

  • Feature: Introducing Workspaces — Workspaces give you the ability to run multiple accounts/companies/teams/departments in Claritask. Each user on Claritask has their own Workspace in which they can invite others to join and collaborate. Read more on Workspaces
  • Logic Update: Projects belonging to Workspaces. Users with access-levels on Workspaces. (Prior: Projects belonging to User/Creator)
  • Code updates: File clean-ups on pages without Authentication. Serving less code when possible.
  • Code updates: Re-routing views to their specific landing pages. Avoiding “somewhat” identical views being served via the same function (Overall fix).
  • Code updates: Base file serving the entire application, optimized and cleaned-up for faster serving
  • Code updates: Updating time on Completed Tasks with a 13-digit Timestamp (similar to task creation) for precise re-ordering
  • Design: Workspaces “drop-down”, on sidebar, for quick Workspace creation, access, and editing
  • UI: Workspaces landing page, user can view Project count for each Workspace
  • UI: Specific Workspace page, user can view Task counts (active/completed) for each Project
  • Update: Authentication — Logged in users are automatically logged in, if visiting Login page
  • Update: Generic pages (Welcome, 404, No-access) optimized for legibility
  • Semantics: Renaming “Global Tasks” into the more descriptively specific “Personal Tasks”, which are tasks solely belonging to the user without any outside access.
  • Bug Fix: “Complete” button on “Personal Tasks” wasn’t responding to the click

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