Update 5

  • Feature: Invite people to your Contact List — Once the other party confirms your invite, you both join each other’s Contact List from which you can add/remove one another from your Workspaces
  • Feature: Inviting people without an Account to start using Claritask
  • Feature: Add/Remove People to/from Workspaces — Only Owners & Admins can add/remove people from Workspaces
  • Feature: Contact List — View everyone in your contact list from a single page (Invite New People, as well as respond to new requests)
  • Feature: People Roles — Set various roles for each person in a Workspace (Owner, Admin, Staff, Consultant)
  • Update: Your Profile page (currently showing your Name & Email)
  • Update: Account confirmation — Users must confirm their account after registration (not necessary to access account, up to a specific timeframe, must confirm up to a later date)
  • Feature: Emails — The ability of Claritask to send Email on various instances (on Create Account, Invite someone to your Contact List, Add someone to Workspace)
  • Update: Design — Sidebar projects, bottom part, giving more space for accessing the last Project in list
  • Other: Various updates — Design, HTML, CSS, JS especially color, highlights, UI/UX functionality


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