Working on Workspaces

I’m super excited about the next Update (after this one) and I’m not even done with the current one.

Recently I’ve launched the biggest update yet.

Currently, I working on launching “Workspaces”.

Workspaces allow the user to run multiple companies/teams/departments within a single Claritask account. Instead of needing to open several accounts with different Emails in Claritask, and logging in-and-out of each one, I’ve made it easier for someone that runs multiple teams (or belongs to multiple ones) to better manage their workflow, deliverables, and expectations.

What are “Workspaces”

Workspaces give, the owner of it, the ability to set various access roles for each team-member within that Workspace. In other words, one of your team-members can have an “Admin” role in one of your Workspaces, while on another one, the same person may have a “Staff” or “Consultant” access, which limits their actions in that particular Workspace.

With roles and access-levels in mind, Projects under a specific Workspace, can be accessed only by the team-members belonging in that particular Workspace.

A “Workspace” can be a Company, Team, Department, or any other group you may need working together with. You can even run a “Workspace” with only you in it (...say, personal Projects).

Another use-case scenario for Workspaces is for someone that has been invited in someone else’s Workspace and now wants to run their own Workspace with a completely different team.

The new hierarchy within Claritask

Upcoming updates after this one

Right after Workspaces are Live, I’ll be working on “inviting users”, so you can share your Projects, Lists, and Tasks with other people in your team. The reason I’m so excited about this upcoming update, is because Claritask will start becoming a true solution that helps users collaborate.

PS: Also, I’ll be working on some brand/identity ideas so that’s ready once Claritask is ready for the big-time.

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