Working with others

As I’m building Claritask, a ton of go-to-marketing ideas are falling into place.

One thing that is of a great importance when building a product is its target audience. I’ve missed the mark before and had no idea how to bounce back. This time around it feels a bit different, since I’m already equipped with various scenarios and what-ifs (from before), that I feel pretty confident in shuffling things around quickly if plan A doesn’t work out.

Target audience

While products like Claritask can be a great fit for many different people, I plan to initially target a group of people that I belong to: serial entrepreneurs (read: serial product builders), or people working in several projects with various teams. (BTW I’m not an entrepreneur, or a serial one at that. These terms are thrown so loosely around, that they’ve lost their meaning.)

Even though these days I’m working completely on my own — from since I know of myself, I’ve constantly worked in multiple projects (client’s and personal). Sometime at once, at other times, right after I shipped one.

With all these experiences and lessons in mind, Claritask is coming along as a product that would serve someone that’s working with remote teams (mostly) and wants to bring all communications about their projects within a single space. At least that’s what I like when working on a project with a team — so in a way I’m my own guinea pig.

I’ve never been big in real-time messaging while working, like Slack or FB Messenger — they are great for goofing off with friends, while Email is a bit more “permanent” and more commanding, when you need stuff done. Real-time chat does come in handy when needing clarification, otherwise it’s a productivity killer.

What am I solving

Claritask can solve delegating tasks and keeping communications alive while working on those tasks, either via commenting on tasks, updating one-another, sending direct messages to a team-member, or having a discussion within a Workspace to clarify things further, or ‘status update’ everyone in your team.

Having notifications in place and feedback from the app about everything that needs your attention, is at the helm of thinking behind Claritask. “Nothing is ever lost” is a foundation everything is build upon. In other words, if you assign a task to someone, you’re in the know about what that team-member is expected to deliver. They are notified, you’re aware of their pending un-completed tasks, you can further bump them with messages, they can update the rest of the team about their progress, among a few things.

My dream is to make Claritask a go-to solution for a project owner who wants to get stuff done. A tool for someone who wants to keep everyone’s accountability high in the project. Delegate, Communicate, Get it done.

My thoughts and wishes are coming along nicely, as today I got done with a major part within the app that I started talking about in the last post.

People in Workspaces

“People” take a major part in Claritask. Without others there’s really no collaboration.

By completing People Invitations. Claritask becomes a true collaboration app that will help teams work together, get stuff done, and communicate clearly in the process.

Here’s a quick shot of People section within Clartitask:

People/Contact List management within Claritask

Through this section, you can:

  • Invite people to join you on Claritask so you can share your projects with them (and vice-versa)
  • Confirm Invitations sent to you by others (By confirming an invitation, you both join each other’s Contact List)
  • View pending invites you’ve sent out

Your input is needed

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