Workspaces Launched

Yesterday, I wrote about Working on Workspaces and lo-and-behold, today it’s Live for everyone to use.

Workspaces can be Teams, Departments, your Company, anything really.

This marks a new step in getting closer to making Claritask ready to be used by companies/teams and not just sole users.

Coding on this update was a bit challenging, because it was an architectural change to how Claritask was working up to know, which required re-routing functions and going one level up when showing data.

Taken from the update linked above —

Continue reading the entire update (previous post) about what Workspaces are all about

What’s next

The next step is even more challenging than this one. It will have to do with making Claritask a true collaborative app where users can invite their teams and collaborate in their Projects.

Permanence as a vision

One issue I’m trying to solve with Claritask is making things more permanent. Since the very nature of Task Managers allows everyone access in the same view (Imagine your Email dashboard shared with 7 other people), it’s quite difficult assuring the user that nothing is ever lost on Claritask, and everyone’s is in the know about latest changes in any Project (Completed tasks, new tasks, comments, edits, additions). It’s like when sending an Email — you’re almost 100% sure that the other party has received/seen your Email (taken you’re not spamming them for the very first time). Now take that to the next level, with feedback from Claritask about your team’s actions on each element that needs their attention. I’m thinking of that fixed permanence and assurance for the user that things are getting done as planned and flowing in the right direction.

Granted, this is a challenge to execute, though I’ll take my best shot and see what comes of it.

I’m very excited about this new chapter in Claritask, because after this update is complete, I will start thinking about increasing my outreach efforts and introduce Claritask to more users who may find it useful for their team.

Specifically speaking:

  • Users/Teams: Collaborate with others in your Projects
  • Stripe implementation for processing subscriptions


  • Notifications that will give more life to Claritask and keep everyone “in-the-know”
  • Messaging/Comments on Task/List/Project/Private level, which will help users further collaborate and clarify their work

Your input is needed

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