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Task management is broken

There's nothing more frustrating for your staff than not knowing what they should be working on. With many tools at their fingertips, they are bombarded from every direction with repetitive requests and one-liner messages, which can quickly lead to anxiety and drop in productivity.

As a team leader, you are unsure if your team knows what they should be working on, today. You have way too much on your plate to have a meeting and you can't possibly call or message everyone individually.

There's a better way!

Meet Claritask

Claritask empowers you to delegate with ease and clarity. Purposefully limited in options, it provides your staff with essential tools to deliver on time and excel in their profession. Claritask relies less on your input and more on informing everyone in your team on what's important.

Priorities in Claritask

Prioritize with ease

Delegate your staff with clarity on what needs to get done. Have them understand via Claritask what's on their plate, without having to hold a meeting.

Notifications in Claritask

Never lose anything

Nothing is ever lost in Claritask. A new task you delegate to someone, it's noticed immediately. You receive real-time data about all interactions by anyone in your tasks.

Claritask UI/UX Design

Enjoy a sensible design

Claritask relies on basic design principles to suit anyone. It uses clean typography set against colors that are inviting yet purposeful in commanding a productive interaction.

Your input is needed

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