Task & Time Management for Project Owners

Never feel frustrated again for something not getting done

Claritask helps project managers understand what their team is working on now and prioritize as needs arise. No one is ever left in the dark.

Never lose another task

Lost in a sea of tasks? Claritask provides accountability so no task is ever lost, and everyone knows what to work on next.

"My Tasks"

Keep everyone in your team accountable about what needs to get done. Through the "My Tasks" section, everyone knows what's expected of them.

"Everything" page

Take stock of specific activities in your projects. Explore latest completed tasks, most recent comments on any task across all projects, and more.


Subtle non-intrusive actionable notifications are sent to the right team-member whenever there's an update on any task they follow.

Who is Claritask for?

Claritask is specifically built for agencies who work with in-house or remote teams. Agencies who deliver projects to their many clients, on daily basis.

It's currently priced at $50/month and comes with unlimited usage on features that are essential in running a successful and profitable agency.

Claritask Screenshot

Claritask helps me to stay focussed on the right tasks, for the right amount of time. It’s a great, easy to use product.

Calum Moore Calum Moore
Zeplo.io Founder

Claritask already feels like it might be just the right amount of functionality without getting in the way.

Will Stufflebeam Will Stufflebeam
Full Stack Engineer / Entrepreneur

1-on-1 Support

Get quick answers, discuss specific needs, and learn how to best use Claritask for you needs.

Re-organize Priorities

Quickly label tasks with custom tags, prioritize with dates, move tasks in various stages of the project, or complete and finalize altogether.

Delegate to Multiple People

Assign tasks to multiple people in your team. Create subtasks inside of a task and delegate them to just a single person.

Comment on Task Level

Quickly discuss and clarify deliverables with your team. Get non-intrusive notifications and reply quickly about any change in direction.

Learn how it works

Claritask is a framework that helps creative firms succeed in delivering more projects on time.

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Free Training

Full Demo is included with your subscription for you, your administrators, and your staff.