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Pricing & Free

Pricing in Claritask is accessible so you can upgrade or downgrade anytime. The value that Claritask offers compared to its pricing is unmatched by any other software out there.

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Dedicated to your success

Your monthly subscription comes with dedicated support, bank level security of your account, data privacy, and continuous enhancements.


SSL Encryption

Claritask is encrypted with bank-level security assuring that the data you enter is scrambled so no third-party can "listen-in", even if you're using Claritask at your coffee shop's Wifi.


Cloudflare Protection

An industry standard, Cloudflare protects our traffic and rejects any potential attacks by malicious individuals and ensures seamless delivery across various networks.


Secure Payments

Monthly subscription plans are securely processed by Stripe, our payment processing partner. No credit card data is stored in our servers, ensuring full anonymity for your card.


Data Protection

Your security is our outmost priority. From using Claritask to processing your monthly payments, everything is passed through various validation checks to ensure full data protection.


No Long-term Contracts

Keep using Claritask without being tied down to a long-term contract. Cancel or pause your account anytime. Delete all your data with a click of a button.


Concierge Migration

We can help you migrate from an exiting PM app you are using to Claritask. Email us at [email protected] to request your data migration service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Claritask?
Large teams with 120 people and small ones with as little as 2, use Claritask on daily basis to manage their projects, communicate with one another, check what's done, and a lot more. They love it because of what it does and our care for our customers.

Can I pay anually?
Yes! You get 2 months FREE when paying yearly.

Is the FREE version limited in any way?
Besides the limits on Projects (5) and Workspaces (1), you can utilize all features similar to a paid account.

Why is the paid version so inexpensive?
We want to make Claritask accessible to companies all over the globe. Yes, we might be leaving some money on the table, but we find satisfaction in knowing people and companies out there are working better because of Claritask. That's more valuable to us than money. And, yes, money helps us run Claritask smoothly with all the expenses it costs to keep it running on monthly basis.

Can I try Claritask before paying?
You can use the FREE version of Claritask for as long as you want. Once you decide to upgrade your account, you can pay by credit-card and unlock even more benefits, such as more Workspaces, Projects, People, and Storage.

I work solo. Can I use Claritask?
Absolutely! Claritask can be used by teams and freelancers alike. Its robustness allows you to quickly manage multiple projects at once.

Is there a "money back guarantee" policy?
Yes. Each account comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee on top of the 7-day Free trial when upgrading.

How often does Claritask get updated?
New updates are released weekly, and sometimes even daily. These updates are made up of new features, client requests, and incremental improvements to existing modules.

Can I request a feature?
Absolutely. Claritask is constantly evolving based on feedback from our clients. Email [email protected] with your request.

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