Monthly Subscriptions

Claritask prices are accessible for teams of various sizes with the ability to easily switch plans as your team grows and expands

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The Basics

Up to 5 People

• 50GB File uploads

• Less features


or $200/yearly (2 Months Free)

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Starting Out

Up to 10 People

• 100GB File uploads

• Some features


or $300/yearly (2 Months Free)

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Feeling Good

Up to 20 People

• 250GB File uploads

• FULL features


or $500/yearly (2 Months Free)

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We Made It

Up to 50 People

• 500GB File uploads

• FULL features


or $900/yearly (2 Months Free)

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It's Personal
Up to 2 people, 10GB File uploads, Less features
$12/month (or $120/yearly, 2 Months Free)

+$3 for each extra user (or $30/yearly, 2 Months Free)
If not needing to move to the next available plan

Have a custom setup OR need more Space/GB?
Let us know at [email protected]

Data protection

Your security is our outmost priority. From using Claritask to processing your monthly payments, everything is passed through various validation checks to ensure your data is fully protected along the way.

SSL Encryption

Claritask is encrypted with bank-level security assuring that the data you enter is scrambled so no third-party can "listen-in", even if you're using Claritask at your coffee shop's Wifi.

Cloudflare protection

An industry standard, Cloudflare protects our traffic and rejects any potential attacks by malicious individuals and ensures seamless delivery across various networks.

Secure payments

Monthly subscription plans are securely processed by Stripe, our payment processing partner. No credit card data is stored in our servers, ensuring full anonymity for your card.

Concierge Migration

Are you currently using another project management app and cannot fathom how to transfer all your active tasks & projects from that app to Claritask?

No worries. You're in good company!

The Claritask team will carry over all your tasks & projects from there to here within a week. Say [email protected] to request your migration.

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30-day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Quick FAQs
Low month-to-month chargesYes
Concierge migrationYes
1-on-1 supportYes
Cancel anytimeYes
30-day money backYes
Download my dataYes
Eternal joyYES!

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