Claritask supports various features that are key to running a successful company. You can do everything from simple tasks to fully integrated workflows quickly and easily.

Nothing is ever lost in Claritask. Everything is accounted for.

Claritask is quick in allowing you to move things around, organize projects in detail, and prioritize as needed. Major features include multiple groups, multiple projects, task groups, quick re-ordering, multiple custom tags, multiple task assignments, delegated subtasks, checklists for subtasks, time tracking and timesheets, history on task and project level, chat on task level, and more.

Features in detail


Run separate teams with their own Projects. Groups can represent a department in your workspace, a Product launch needing to be broken down into smaller Projects, and more.


Set everyone's access on the Project level. Staff can be excluded from a Project, while Groups Admins automatically have access to all Projects within that Group.


Tasks give you the power to keep track of your Projects in incremental detail with multiple options: people, tags, dates, descriptions, subtasks, files, comments, time tracking, and more.


Visualize Tasks with due dates, postpone and re-schedule tasks by a simple drag-and-drop, and quickly create and delegate tasks right from the Calendar page.

Delegate to Multiple People

Subtasks can be assigned to a single person compared to a Task that can be assigned to multiple people.

Comment on Task Level

Quickly discuss and clarify deliverables with your team. Get non-intrusive notifications and reply about any change in direction if needed.

Work Status

Declare what Task you're currently "working on" so everyone knows what you're up to, without having to ask you.


Break down major Tasks by creating new Subtasks within that Task.

Delegate Subtasks

Subtasks can be assigned to a single person compared to a Task that can be assigned to multiple people.

Organize in Checklists

Subtasks can be organized in their own Checklists, which can turn a Task in a tiny little Project of its own.

File Upload

Upload multiple files to a Task and have them appear in Comments so you can quickly discuss the latest changes.


Tagging Tasks is helpful when needing to label Tasks with more context. Example: Urgent, Bug, Later, and more.

Due Dates

Assign a due date to a Task so those responsible know exactly when it needs to get done.

Time Tracking

Track time so you know exactly the amount of time everyone has worked on that Task.

Time Categories

Assign a category to each time entry and understand how time was utilized on each project.

Timesheet Reports

Generate detailed reports based on People, Projects, Tasks, Time Categories, and more so you can quickly discuss them with your team or clients.

Task Groups (Lists)

Groups work as mini-projects within a Project or even a Stage of the Project. It's up to you how to utilize them.

Re-organize Priorities

Quickly label tasks with custom tags, prioritize with dates, move tasks in various stages of the project, or complete and finalize them altogether.


Transfer Tasks to Projects, Task Groups to Project, Tasks To Task Groups. Nothing is off-limits.

Recurring Tasks

Create Task presets that trigger Claritask to automatically create new Tasks on a specific date with its pre-defined criteria.

Task Descriptions

Add more detail to a Task by further describing what that Task is about.

Versions, Edits

Each edit and correction in Claritask is recorded so you're always in the know who's edited what part of the Task or Project.


Receive unobtrusive notifications for any changes to Tasks that you are a part of (follow).

"My Tasks"

Keep everyone on your team accountable for what needs to get done. Through the "My Tasks" section, everyone knows what's expected.

"Everything" page

Take stock of specific activities in your projects. Explore the latest completed tasks, the most recent comments on any task across all projects, and more.


Quickly observe any Tasks entire history and changes by anyone in the Team. The same is valid for Projects and Groups.

Follow Tasks

Follow a Task to receive notifications about any changes to it without being assigned to that specific Task.


Delete anything in Claritask (Tasks, Projects, Groups, Subtasks...) without the fear that it's forever lost.


Recover any element that was previously deleted in Claritask by anyone on the team. Nothing is ever lost in Claritask.

Favorite Tasks

Make every moment count. The favorite feature keeps you focused on what matters most to you.

Recent Tasks

We've made it easier than ever to find the tasks you've interacted with recently, so you can quickly get back to them.


On the right side of your screen, you'll see a search icon. Clicking on it will take you to a search bar where you can search for tasks, subtasks, comments, and more.

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Claritask is constantly being improved upon based on our findings on how it can better suit your needs. We are obsessed with little details that delight our customers on daily basis.

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