About Claritask

Claritask is a project management framework that helps teams work better and deliver more work on time through a software that is fast, consistent, and reliable.

Claritask cuts through the chaos of communication overload that teams of all sizes experience on daily basis while working on several projects with multiple team-members. It solves these issues through a linear chronological approach to project management where everyone in the team is kept accountable and knows exactly what needs to get done. Thus, constantly moving the needle steadily forward towards completion and only looking back for positive reflection.

Claritask is focused in offering project managers specific tools that help them and their teams get more done in harmony.


Because we all need back the motivational energy that helps us deliver meaningful work on daily basis and change the world for the better, even when the status quo requests less from us.

Reliability in delivery, consistency in excellence, and integrity in service — are key values that drive Claritask forward

Claritask is a US based company founded in 2018 by a designer/developer with years of experience working for creative firms, advertising agencies, leading design & development companies of his own, and serving clients of the likes of Oxfam America, the National Basketball Association, New York Film Academy, Ogilvy, as well as smaller firms and NGOs.

It’s in 2012 when Val Sopi first started exploratively building project management apps to help professionals like himself better manage their teams. This journey got him on the pages of The Economist, Forbes, and NPR.

With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and programing acumen since he was 10, he single handedly guided the purpose of Claritask since the early days. While building Claritask, Val is also an active advocate in helping agency owners better manage their creative business.

Claritask is entrusted by Stripe Atlas as an innovative company that brings forth services with a purpose for customers around the world.