About Claritask

Claritask was born as a result of 5-years of research and experience while building online project management solutions.

With focus on clarity, Claritask is purposefully limited in features, allowing team leaders to quickly and efficiently delegate tasks, communicate with their team, learn what everyone is working on, and watch as their deliverables are completed one-by-one.

A meticulously designed Archivo typeface, a color-scheme that commands without screaming, and a modern design that associates with speed and clarity, are three cornerstones that make Claritask a joy to use by any member in your team.

Val Sopi

Val SopiFounder

From the Founder

Hi! I'm Val Sopi, founder of Claritask.

Since 2012, I've been building and studying online project management solutions with the aim to solve my everyday challenges of delivering on time, especially when working with teams who sometime may not be in the same office as I am.

I have built software used by companies big and small from Shanghai to Los Angeles, and all the way to Paris, Johannesburg, Athens, and beyond. My continued dedication to 'make it a notch better' has inspired me to *not* settle for something that 'just' works.

Now, Claritask is my most improved solution to date. It is based on 10 years of data-gathering, hundreds of iterations, hundreds of Skype and in-person meetings with clients, and research, while serving companies around the world and working on numerous projects with teams of various expertise.

The flexibility I've built in and around Claritask has given me the ability to cut through the clutter and built essential functionalities that help team-leaders better manage their time and get more done.

I am excited for what lies ahead.


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