Claritask Affiliate Program

Partner with us in promoting Claritask to your audience and earn 35% per month commission on every customer you bring our way.

Example: A customer on a $29/month plan will bring you $9.80 each month, for as long as that customer is with Claritask.

Joining Claritask Affiliate Program is easy. Click on the button below to sign-up for the program. You'll get your unique link, which you can start using immediately.

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What is Claritask?

Claritask is more than a task management app. In essence, it brings teams together to collaborate on projects, chat, track their time, and know what each team-member is working on, without having to disrupt their workflow. Find out more on the Features page.

Why you'll love the Claritask affiliate program

  • Earn recurring payouts: With one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the market, you earn 35% (every month, recurring) for every paying client you refer to Claritask, for as long as that client is with us.
  • Faster converting customers: Claritask's "stickiness" is high, which means once new users start using Claritask they become a paying client shortly after.
  • Lifetime value: Claritask customers remain a paying client for quite sometime (currently estimated at around 27 months), meaning that for customers that convert via your referral, you are assured a long lasting payout. You could make $783 or more (lifetime value) from a single customer you refer to Claritask.
  • Here with you: We will support you along the way for any ideas or needs you may have while promoting Claritask.
  • Loved by customers: Claritask, both the product and the company are highly regarded by our customers, thus creating a loyalty for years to come. Read below, what our customers have to say about Claritask —

What do current customers say?

Claritask helps me to stay focused on the right tasks, for the right amount of time. It’s a great, easy to use product.

Calum Moore Calum Moore Founder

Claritask has enhanced our workflow and improved monitoring through the fabulous reporting feature. Great tool for our team!

Ornis Mala Ornis Mala
The Social Plus CEO

@claritask_app is definitely the finest task management product available online. We are using it and we are already in love with it.

Ornis Mala Kapil Mohan Gupta

Claritask already feels like it might be just the right amount of functionality without getting in the way.

Will Stufflebeam Will Stufflebeam
Full Stack Engineer & Entrepreneur

How does the affiliate program work?

After you sign-up, you'll get your very own dashboard where you can see in real time all paid conversions to the visits you have sent our way. Our affiliate program is connected with Stripe (our payment processor), which will transparently feed data immediately into your dashboard.

Rewardful Dashboard Sample view of your Affiliate Dashboard

Promotion ideas

You can promote Claritask in any way you can think of. Here are few ideas which convert best for other affiliates.

  • Your Blog or Website
    • "How is Claritask better than X"
    • Roundup of project management products
    • An honest review of Claritask
    • Claritask tutorial: "How to manage a project in Claritask"
    • "How we are working better because of Claritask"
    • You can add Claritask to the list of Resources in your website
    • Include a Claritask banner in your website/blog. Go to the Claritask Assets Page to grab the one that fits you best.
  • Your Newsletter
    • Mention Claritask to your audience (in between the lines)
    • Introduce Claritask to your audience with a dedicated Newsletter
    • Promote your blog post written about Claritask (from the ideas above)
    • Offer a special coupon/discount (contact us about this one, so we can produce the coupon beforehand)
    • Include a Claritask banner in your newsletter. Go to the Claritask Assets Page to grab the one that fits you best.
  • Video

    Video presentations, especially when Live, are proven to convert at higher rate than any other method.

    • Film yourself using Claritask and share with your followers on social media
    • Livestream and speak directly to your audience (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and talk about the benefits of Claritask
    • Record a tutorial on how to use Claritask (you can use Loom)
  • Podcast
    • Mention Claritask in any of your episodes and provide your Claritask referral link in your podcast show notes.
    • Invite us in your episode (or part of your episode) to talk about Claritask and add more authenticity to the mention.
    • Talk with an industry leader about the benefits of Claritask
  • Webinars

    Webinars are very powerful in converting new customers. Great product presentations when paired with special timely offers are a great way in rewarding the attendees

    • If you have an audience of at least 100 where the majority could be potential Claritask customers, then we will host the webinar without any charge to you. We will use your referral link in the webinar, together with any special offers we may decided together.
  • Social media

    Notify your social-media followers about Claritask (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

    • Claritask is hands down the most clear and straight forward task-management app for your team [your referral link]
    • Manage your team with Claritask and never look back at other outdated task management apps [your referral link]
    • Nothing demands more accountability from your team than Claritask. Have your team use Claritask on daily basis, from day one, when delegating tasks [your referral link]
  • Closed forums: Quora, Reddit, Hackernews
    • Answer questions about Claritask and its benefits in a genuine way. Provide your Claritask referral link in your answers.
    • Note of caution: use your referral link sparingly and with care. Certain forums (Reddit in particular) may frown upon sharing referral links.
  • Become a Claritask advocate
    • Offer constant advice to your followers about Claritask. Evangelize the benefits of Claritask to your audience via your different channels.
  • Other ideas?
    • You have something more novel in mind? Pass your ideas our way and lets discuss details.

Who is Claritask for?

It's best if your audience matches Claritask customers who are business owners (project managers) running a team of +5 individuals and are engaged in any of the following industries: Creative, Marketing, Software, Advertising, Architecture, Support, Manufacturing.

What makes it good?

Customers who sign up for Claritask, when referred by a trusted referral, become paying customers at a much higher rate, leading to faster payouts for you.

In addition, we closely support each new customer, making sure they get the value they're looking for and convert to a paying customer.

Terms and Details

A few ground rules to ensure eternal happiness for all

  • Payouts are made on the 5th of each month
  • There could be a delay of up to 45-days for the payout because of our 15-day Trial period, before the customer is charged for their first month.
  • Example: Someone becomes a customer on July 22nd. 15-days later (on August 6th) their card is charged for the first time. Your payout would be on October 5th.
  • First link attribution is rewarded. Meaning the commission belongs to the affiliate whose link was clicked first by the customer.
  • Generous extended period of conversion: Conversion can happen anytime within 6 months since the first time the customer clicked on the link.
  • Acting as an affiliate to get a discount on Claritask subscription is not allowed
  • If you send a customer our way, without them clicking on your affiliate link, we can attribute the referral to you.
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Need more help?

Contact us anytime with questions you may have about Claritask. If you want to learn its ins and outs, we can give you a demo about what Claritask can do.

Say [email protected] with your questions